The Army’s Command Sergeant Major Problem

A poignant and predictive analysis of what two senior officers observed in 1988 and there implied predictions for what would occur if the trend were not thwarted.

These gentlemen might hardly recognize what has become of the Army in the years since this article was published. What they saw as out of the ordinary but dangerous anomalies are not standard procedure for Command Sergeants Major.

Parameters removed this article from their digital repository.  This is an important article, it describes an Army where behaviors people take as the standard now were not the case so long ago.

I have added this important document to the CORE depository because I care for the profession I retired from.  There may be hope that some of the disruptive and destructive behaviors the damage good order and discipline might one day be put in check.  Failing that, this is an important historical piece that proclaims to all that read it, things are not right.

The Army’s Command Sergeant Major Problem

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US Army Signal Corps Purpose and Future

Perhaps the events of the last few years, the usurpation of many Signal Corps roles by the new Cyber branch and the failure of our multi-billion dollar WIN-T dinosaur, will serve as a clarion call for real cultural, organizational and structural change – perhaps we will realign systems development, training and MOS structure to the warfighter – and stop being Signal geeks.

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Theory: America’s Great Cultural and Political Divide

In a recent post, I contend that:

America is more divided culturally and politically than at any time since the 1850’s.  Real and authentic dialogue does not occur and violence and the threat of violence increase daily.  We are on a precarious path with potentially dangerous outcomes. (read more)

I conclude that we must find a way to acknowledge concurrent majorities as proposed by Calhoun or we must embrace devolution and/or secession in some form.  Our government is becoming too large to scale and retain democratic representation.

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